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Electrical Tapes & Adhesives

To Insulate & Bond Electrical Components


Technical Adhesives for Electrical Assemblies

Electrical Adhesives can be used to bond together different components within an electrical assembly. These bonding adhesives are often used for ease of assembly, electrical isolation, thermal management, EMI protection, and other properties.

Here at Materials Direct, we offer a wide range of electrical tapes and electrical adhesives that can be custom cut to meet your specification.

Latest Electrical Insulation Products

Custom Cut Materials

Materials Direct is approaching this market in a way that is easy to order and specify in Electronics across all industries. Customers who need a certain brand of material which do not appear on the site can apply for us to add this stock to the site’s portfolio based on potential usage.

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No Tooling Charge
There is NEVER a tooling charge for manufacturing

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Fast Manufacturing
Parts made & shipped worldwide in as little as 24 hours


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Technical expertise available from our specialists


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We ensure secure payment with a wide array of options

Instant Quotes – Purchasing Made Easy

The main problem for design engineers and purchasing has been until now the quick supply of parts as often the custom pad is one of the last items to be specified in the design of an Electronic assembly.

Materials Direct not only provides an instant quote but gives the buyer the offer of uploading their custom design for it to be manufactured within 24hours if the material is in stock.


step 1 quote
Get an online quote
for the part / gasket


step 2 approve
Upload your design
and approve


step 3 pay
Place and pay
for your order


step 4 deliver
Parts dispatched to you
in as little as 24 hours.

Double Sided Adhesive Tapes

Material Direct is growing this sector by offering a large variety of Electrical tapes and adhesives with different characteristics needed in your industry.

Many double-sided adhesive tapes can be roller die-cut to produce “custom parts” on a roll. This is not only a fast production method but keeps the parts very clean as they only become exposed to the environment as they are unrolled.

This helps keep parts in pristine conduction as they are being used. They also avoid picking up foreign bodies in the assembly.

Thermal Management

For linear printed circuit boards such as LED line light assemblies, Bondline Adhesives can be applied to the rear of the PCBs using a simple applicator.

The Bondline range has electrical Isolation, good mechanical strength, and high thermal conductivity. This removes the need for mechanical fixing points on the PCB.

Electrical Tapes and Adhesives can not only save time but can provide high-quality bonding and protection for your electronic assemblies.

High Voltage Breakdown

Most technical tapes used in Electronic applications have multiple special characteristics other than being a bonding film such as high Voltage breakdown.

Technical Adhesives with this range of characteristics allow for better performance of not only its bond but that of your electronic devices. This is due to the protection from environmental factors as well as internal ones.

Material Specifications

At Materials Direct, you’ll find a range of materials that protect against high voltage, high temperatures, and moisture. We also offer a range of materials that are thermally conductive.



Strengthen Your Electrical Components With Durable Adhesive Tapes
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Secure Components With Long Lasting Adhesives
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EMI Protection

Protect Components Against Electromagnetic Interference
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Thermal Management

Manage The Thermals Of Your Electronic Assemblies
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Electrical Isolation

Isolate Your Electrical Conductors
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Double-Sided Adhesive

Double-Sided Electrical Adhesive Tapes

Quality Assured

We Provide Electrical Tapes & Adhesives from Trusted Brands

Depending on the application, our clients seek a range of different attributes from their electrical tapes and adhesives. For this reason Materials, Direct works to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and deliver a range of advantages to our customers. We only source our products from trusted brands.

  • Engineer, Rolls Royce
    'Having the ability to be supplied with precision cut materials for prototypes within 2 days has been excellent!’
    Engineer, Rolls Royce
  • Buyer, Eaton Aerospace
    'We have the need for small to medium batch sizes of various technical materials and Materials Direct have been highly responsive to our urgent needs'
    Buyer, Eaton Aerospace
  • Design Engineer, Philips
    ‘We have had to change our designs in the development stages three times. Materials Direct did not charge for these changes as the sizes stayed the same. Excellent!’
    Design Engineer, Philips
  • Quality Manager, GEC
    ‘Precision and high quality of parts received have been consistently to a high standard.’
    Quality Manager, GEC
  • Buyer, Selectronic
    'Buying online with Materials Direct has proven to be more efficient in time and deliveries, especially when scheduling future orders.’
    Buyer, Selectronic
  • Marien Chevennement
    'Very fast reply, very good order following and delivery in 24H. to recap a very good experience with Materials Direct for a very urgent need. I recommend a lot.'
    Marien Chevennement
    Schneider Electric

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is electrical tape used for?

There are many types of electrical tape used in electronic applications. Some of which include:

  • Electrical isolation
  • EMI shielding
  • Mechanical bonding
  • Thermal interfacing
  • Sealing and bonding
  • Electrically conductive
  • Double-sided flexible
  • Intumescent fire protection
  • Indicating tapes such as exposure to water for warranty purposes.

What is the most common application for tape and adhesive in electronics?

The most common types are for electrical isolation and protecting against EMI.

Can electrical tape catch fire?

Most tapes can burn at high enough temperatures, the key is to understand what the requirements are for your application. There are standards such as UL laboratories V-Rating for materials. A good rule of thumb is if you have a risk of the materials being exposed to high temperatures assure the UL rating is sufficient for the application. UL V0 is often specified for Electronic applications and more recently Electric vehicle Energy storage (Battery) packs

How do I use electrical tape?

Most tapes supplied by Materials Direct are continuous rolls of single or double adhesive coated tapes. The material is supplied with a single or a double protective liner. If we are supplying cut parts on a roll then the material sits on a baseliner ready to be removed (with a top liner the same shape as the cut part) and applied and bonded to your component. Once the material is applied the second liner is removed exposing the top bonding surface.
If we supply material with a single liner the material's sticky surface is exposed as you unroll it ready for applying directly to your component.

What are the benefits of supplying cut shaped parts on a roll?

The use of parts on a roll means they are always clean as they come off the roll. They do not attract debris and swarf often present in assembly environments as they are not laying around waiting to be used. They are effectively covered until they are needed to be applied. Counting the parts during manufacturing is easier and so quantity and quality is assured. This method is reserved for high-volume applications as there are special rotary die-cutting tools needed to manufacture the parts. If the material is simply a roll of material without cut shapes then the application of linear lengths can be achieved by running the exposed adhesive in a channel and applying the component (often a long PCB or metal board) to the exposed adhesive side sliding it along and cutting across the tape

Supplying Technical Materials

To a Range of Sectors

Each sector has its own unique requirements and specifications. Materials Direct works to ensure that each sector we supply to, receives the highest quality and best-performing products in relation to their industry and specific need.



The Aerospace industry demands the highest performing, most reliable technical materials to protect their electronic assemblies.


Automotive / EV

Automotive applications range from Engine management systems to motor drive controllers and custom-made gaskets and pads.



Industrial electronics are robust, have long lifetimes, are cost-sensitive, and suitable for use within difficult environments.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Sufficient thermal management in LED lighting can preserve longevity, increase reliability and optimise performance.



Materials used in military applications need to be of the highest quality and performance, often very rugged to very exacting standards.



Coupling discreet heat-generating semiconductors to heatsinks remains commonplace in power supply assemblies.

Any Questions?