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EMI Shielding

To Protect Against Electromagnetic & Radio Frequency Interference

EMI Shielding

Shield Against Electro-Magnetic Interference And Radio Frequency

Electromagnetic Interference or EMI is caused when one electronic device interferes with another through the electromagnetic fields set up by its operation. Another term commonly associated with this is RFI, Radio Frequency Interference.

Electromagnetic shielding that blocks radio frequencies (RF) electromagnetic interference is known as RFI shielding. RFI shielding reduces the electromagnetic field by blocking with barriers made of magnetic or electrically conductive materials.

Effective RFI Shielding

RFI shielding is applied to electronic enclosures to isolate the emitting electrical devices from the wider environment.

EMI can negatively impact a device’s performance, which is why it’s important that you protect your devices with EMI shielding. At Materials direct we offer a range of custom-cut EMI and RFI shielding materials for a range of Electronic builds.

RFI & EMI Shielding

EMI Shielding Materials

Custom Cut Materials

Materials Direct is approaching this market in a way that is easy to order and specify in Electronics across all industries. Customers who need a certain brand of material that does not appear on the site can apply for us to add this stock to the sites portfolio based on potential usage.

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Parts made & shipped worldwide in as little as 24 hours


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Instant Quotes – Purchasing Made Easy

The main problem for design engineers and purchasing has been until now the quick supply of parts as often the custom pad is one of the last items to be specified in the design of an Electronic assembly.

Materials Direct not only provides an instant quote but gives the buyer the offer of uploading their custom design for it to be manufactured within 24hours if the material is in stock.


step 1 quote
Get an online quote
for the part / gasket


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Upload your design
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What are the dangers of Electromagnetic & Radio frequency interference?

Electromagnetic interference can result in an increase in data loss in electronic devices or cause data loss completely. In the case of digital apparatus, EMI can also affect how the circuit performs and could result in devices not working altogether.

RFI and EMI can come from both man-made and natural sources. Good examples of this would be the man-made interference caused by ignition systems and mobile phones. Natural sources include lightning and solar flares, which also create electrical currents and voltages that result in RFI.

By using materials that provide EMI shielding, you can protect your electronics from both man-made and natural interference. EMI Shielding is particularly important in medical, military, automotive, aerospace, and safety-critical equipment.

How Do RFI Shielding Materials Work?

RFI shielding reduces the electromagnetic field by blocking with barriers made of magnetic or electrically conductive materials. RFI shielding is applied to electronic enclosures to isolate the emitting electrical devices from the wider environment.

Shielding can reduce the effects of radio waves, electromagnetic energy, and fields. A conductive enclosure used to block electrostatic fields is also known as a Faraday Cage.

Material Specifications

At Materials Direct,  you’ll find a range of materials that protect against radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

Thermal management

Heat Reflective

Reflect Heat Away From Your Electronic Assemblies


Can Be Molded into Required Shape or Size

Volume Resistancy

Resistance Against High Volume Sound Waves
wireless charging

Electrically Conductive

EMI Materials That Also Conduct Electricity
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EMI Protection

Protect Your Electronic Assemblies From Electromagnetic Interference

Quality Assured

We Provide EMI Shielding Materials from Trusted Brands

Materials-Direct offers custom-designed pads and gaskets that provide RFI shielding to reduce the effects of unwanted electromagnetic interference.
These materials are highly electrically conductive and provide a faraday shield to the unwanted emitting energy. Our growing range includes supplies from trusted brands including Laird Technology and Universal Science.

  • Engineer, Rolls Royce
    'Having the ability to be supplied with precision cut materials for prototypes within 2 days has been excellent!’
    Engineer, Rolls Royce
  • Buyer, Eaton Aerospace
    'We have the need for small to medium batch sizes of various technical materials and Materials Direct have been highly responsive to our urgent needs'
    Buyer, Eaton Aerospace
  • Design Engineer, Philips
    ‘We have had to change our designs in the development stages three times. Materials Direct did not charge for these changes as the sizes stayed the same. Excellent!’
    Design Engineer, Philips
  • Quality Manager, GEC
    ‘Precision and high quality of parts received have been consistently to a high standard.’
    Quality Manager, GEC
  • Buyer, Selectronic
    'Buying online with Materials Direct has proven to be more efficient in time and deliveries, especially when scheduling future orders.’
    Buyer, Selectronic
  • Marien Chevennement
    'Very fast reply, very good order following and delivery in 24H. to recap a very good experience with Materials Direct for a very urgent need. I recommend a lot.'
    Marien Chevennement
    Schneider Electric

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I shield against EMI?

Electromagnetic interference is either generated by your equipment and you need to keep it from radiating or you need to keep out external interference from your electronics. The most common way to do this is by creating a faraday cage around your equipment or at least some of it.

What is EMI shielding?

EMI Shielding is normally an electrically conductive fabric or sheet material capable of creating a cloaking shield around the emitting or sensitive devices to EMI.

Is aluminium good for EMI shielding?

Aluminum and Copper are often used in shielding applications. The selection of the right materials for EMI is a factor of the frequencies you are needing to protect from.

Does EMI Shielding need to be grounded?

Depending upon your application the EMI will be founded to common earth or be floating at a certain potential. This is highly dependent upon your application.

How is EMI Shielding tested?

EMI can be tested at the material level, component level, sub-assembly level, and of course completed assembly level. EMI testing is often obligatory for machine manufacturers and they have to pass an emissions test. (or even a withstand test to see if they are robust in EMI environments). Medical equipment are particularly susceptible as is Avionic equipment.

Why do I need EMI shielding?

Without suitable protection, your equipment will not function correctly. If you are emitting RFI / EMI then your equipment will be potentially interfering with other electronic equipment. It may not be legal to operate the equipment if it hasn’t been tested to meet certain stringent tests at an EMI testing lab.

What is RFI?

Radio Frequency Interference and can be caused by emitting it or receiving it. It is interference in the Radiofrequency range and can affect nearly every piece of electronic equipment.

What materials are used for EMI shielding?

Often woven fabric using copper strands is used along with foils and metal tapes. Some materials can be optically clear whilst having thin metal strands embedded into the material. This is to reduce interference from apertures where there is a screen in your electronics.

What is RFI shielding?

This is effectively the same but RFI is for the Radiofrequency spectrum. EMI is a more global term that can include things like naturally occurring events such as energy from lighting for instance.

What is EMI Shielding tape?

This is a tape used to electrically connect 2 materials or to be a shield in its own right. It is to drain electrical energy away and reduce the EMI in your assembly. They are often adhesive coated on one side.

Supplying Technical Materials

To a Range of Sectors

Each sector has its own unique requirements and specifications. Materials Direct works to ensure that each sector we supply to, receives the highest quality and best-performing products in relation to their industry and specific need.



The Aerospace industry demands the highest performing, most reliable technical materials to protect their electronic assemblies.


Automotive / EV

Automotive applications range from Engine management systems to motor drive controllers and custom-made gaskets and pads.



Industrial electronics are robust, have long lifetimes, are cost-sensitive, and suitable for use within difficult environments.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Sufficient thermal management in LED lighting can preserve longevity, increase reliability and optimise performance.



Materials used in military applications need to be of the highest quality and performance, often very rugged to very exacting standards.



Coupling discreet heat-generating semiconductors to heatsinks remains commonplace in power supply assemblies.

Any Questions?