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  • BrightView HighPerOpticsf

    Bright View Technologies Reflector 98% – 0.28mm

    £0.00 SKU: Brightview Reflector 98%
    • BrightWhite reflector film with no adhesive.
    • Standard thickness of .28mm.
    • Reflectivity of >97.5%
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  • Jungbecker CDP Web

    Jungbecker Acrylic CDP Lense – 3mm

    • High transparency microstructured prism sheet
    • Unique and homogenous glare reduction
    • Highest possible efficiency
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  • UNISCI BV VINYL BlackOneside WhiteOneside
    • Light absorbing one side/reflective one side
    • Standard thickness of 0.3mm.
    • Reflectivity of >97.5%
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