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  • DuPont Nomex NKN web
    • Excellent for high-temperature applications
    • Will not delaminate or blister at high temperatures
    • High dielectric strength
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  • tufnol whale brand
    • Low water absorption
    • Good dimensional stability
    • Excellent Electrical Properties
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    Mica Sheet ISO-epoxy M – 0.52mm

    £0.00 SKU: MICA_ISOEPOXYM_0.52MM
    • Heat Resistance: 300°C
    • Dielectric strength: 20 kV/mm
    • 100% free of toxicity
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  • Vulcanised Fibre
    • High mechanical strength, good machining properties, good electrical properties
    • For general purpose such as discs and rings, grinding wheels, containers, protective shields.
    • Versatile material choice in a multitude of industrial sectors
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