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A division of Universal Science

Materials-Direct is leading the way in offering custom cut films and materials direct to businesses needing a fast, low cost, Tooling Free service and includes prototype to high volume “production-ready” pads and gaskets.

Precision Cut Technical Materials
Delivered in 24 hours

The only Manufacturing Company to Offer Delivery in As Little as 24hrs, at No Extra Cost, and With a Strict No Tooling Charge.

We specialise in manufacturing parts for insulation, thermal management, protection of electronics, LED Lighting, and mechanics.

Our Unique Ordering System is designed as a simple system where you select the material from our stock, tell us the overall sizes of the pad or gasket, the qty, and the lead time you need. We give you an instant price including all taxes and shipping charges.

Upload your drawing straight into our machines and our operators get to work making your parts. You either pay or use the credit account facilities and we manufacture the parts and ship them in as little as 24hrs.

Our History

Materials Direct, a division of Universal Science, was founded by James Stratford in April 2002. James has over 20 years of experience in thermal management, engineering, and consulting with many of the well-known brands in electronics around Europe and global Multinationals.

Based in the UK, Materials direct delivers custom-made production materials to users across the globe, with our brand new ordering system. We provide users with a seamless ordering experience that is carefully designed to make ordering custom parts easier and more efficient.

Materials Direct is the first company to create this simple 4 step process and is the only manufacturing company to have a strict No tooling Charge for its clients. 

Our Mission

watch parts

To deliver high quality precision cut parts for electronics manufacturers worldwide

time is money

Provide the lowest cost and deliver in the fastest time possible.


To Lead the way in fast, efficient and cost effective manufacturing.

planet earth

Manufacture in a way that is sustainable – reducing our impact on the environment.

A Division of Universal Science

Universal Science started with supplying thermal management materials and components to the electronics industry and swiftly moved into assisting companies which help reduce the dependency on fossil fuels namely, lighting and Electric vehicles.

Universal Science is a leading Company in the supply of LED lighting modules for many diverse applications from street lights to Automotive. We made a decision to excel at the supply of products to support the EV movement.

Our management and staff are passionate about the high quality of the products and services offered on-time, every time.

Materials direct was the idea of the founder of Universal Science James Stratford to cut down the steps to obtaining bespoke pads and gaskets which are often required to protect electronic assemblies and EV batteries .

Delivering Custom Parts Internationally

Materials Direct benefits from the vast engineering experience that exists within the Universal Science Group of Companies in 3 different Countries, UK, Italy and France which was established in 2002.

We have all the in-house expertise, including a complete machine fleet, enabling us to produce products for our customers, in both high volume and small quantities.

Materials Direct has partners in the UK, France, Italy, Portugal & Spain

global shipping

We care about our environment.

Our materials never contain any harmful chemicals and as we often cut parts from the remaining off-cuts thereby minimising waste. The old fashioned way is for you to buy sheet materials from a distributor which is often much more than you need and cut the parts with a knife or scissors. “Very ugly and and very wasteful”

To reduce the wastage that occurs during production, we only send the materials that the customer requires. We then make parts from the remaining materials for other customers.

This allows us to reduce the cost price to customers as they only pay for what they receive; whilst also reducing waste. Our goal is to ensure that no material goes unused.

Supporting The EV Movement

We Manufacture & Supply Products that Protect Ev Batteries & Electronics from Heat, RFI & Environmental Damage

Materials Direct has worked with some of the biggest brands within the Electric Vehicle industry. From building custom parts to battery storage, we create custom components designed to help the longevity and safety of electric vehicles.

We work closely with organisations such as Formula E, producing tailored parts for their electric cars.

ABB Formula E Michelin a presente le nouveau MICHELIN Pilot Sport

Our Work With Formula E

Universal Science helped in the design and specification of products used Battery builds for the Formula E race car production series from the beginning and this continues to this day.

Materials for EV include lightweight cell carriers, fire retardant materials, vibration damping, thermal interface materials, EMI shields, plastic sub-structures / chassis and metal heat spreaders to name a few.

Our Manufacturing

We have some of the most advanced machines in the world to convert materials into cut parts. We pride ourselves in the capabilities of our people and our equipment. Working to the highest exacting standards expected by companies such as:

Supplying Technical Materials

To a Range of Sectors

Each sector has its own unique requirements and specifications. Materials Direct works to ensure that each sector we supply to, receives the highest quality and best-performing products in relation to their industry and specific need.



The Aerospace industry demands the highest performing, most reliable technical materials to protect their electronic assemblies.


Automotive / EV

Automotive applications range from Engine management systems to motor drive controllers and custom-made gaskets and pads.



Industrial electronics are robust, have long lifetimes, are cost-sensitive, and suitable for use within difficult environments.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Sufficient thermal management in LED lighting can preserve longevity, increase reliability and optimise performance.



Materials used in military applications need to be of the highest quality and performance, often very rugged to very exacting standards.



Coupling discreet heat-generating semiconductors to heatsinks remains commonplace in power supply assemblies.

Quality Assured

We Provide Technical Materials from Trusted Brands

You’ll find a wide range of technical materials at Materials Direct. We cater for the conversion of sheet materials into custom parts such as custom pads, gaskets, and standard shapes to suit applications in both the electrical and engineering sectors. We only source these materials from trusted brands.

  • Engineer, Rolls Royce
    'Having the ability to be supplied with precision cut materials for prototypes within 2 days has been excellent!’
    Engineer, Rolls Royce
  • Buyer, Eaton Aerospace
    'We have the need for small to medium batch sizes of various technical materials and Materials Direct have been highly responsive to our urgent needs'
    Buyer, Eaton Aerospace
  • Design Engineer, Philips
    ‘We have had to change our designs in the development stages three times. Materials Direct did not charge for these changes as the sizes stayed the same. Excellent!’
    Design Engineer, Philips
  • Quality Manager, GEC
    ‘Precision and high quality of parts received have been consistently to a high standard.’
    Quality Manager, GEC
  • Buyer, Selectronic
    'Buying online with Materials Direct has proven to be more efficient in time and deliveries, especially when scheduling future orders.’
    Buyer, Selectronic
  • Marien Chevennement
    'Very fast reply, very good order following and delivery in 24H. to recap a very good experience with Materials Direct for a very urgent need. I recommend a lot.'
    Marien Chevennement
    Schneider Electric

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